The different missions carried out by the Muriel Gordon Foundation

Donations to Jamaica.Donations to Cuba;Partnered
with Faith Alive Church.
2nd Donations to Nigeria.Volunteers from Faith Alive Church to assist in packing container for Cuba
Donations for Nigeria.
Donations to Lome, Togo.Maternal Child health
teaching in Lome, Togo
Health screenings in
Lome, Togo
Organizing a Community Baby
Shower in a Catholic church
in El Salvador.
About to give a talk to the church
members of Santiago, in El
Salvador about my Mission.
Donations to Haiti.Donations to Haiti.
A group picture of my community
baby shower at a clinic in
Afagnan, Togo.
Maternal Child health teachingAssorting donations to another
village in Haiti
My Community Baby Shower
in Haiti
handshake from Headmaster of
this Primary School for generous
donations given including
a computer; St Thomas, Jamaica.
house filled with TERMITES.
Having health screening
Hanover, Jamaica
Visited a PreK school in the
Marketplace and donated
toys and school supplies.
Seen are Staff members.
donations of medical supplies and equipments given to the Infirmary
in Portland, Jamaica 2016.
Supervisors standing.
Appreciation Kiss from Home
Bound Senior, Dominican Republic.
Diabetic teaching to Mother and
Son in Dominican Republic
Donated wheelchair. First time out
of house in two years to visit wife’s
grave; Hanover Jamaica. The sun
feels great Miss.
Visiting Seniors at Home in
Dominican Republic
Another Community Baby Shower,
Kingston, Jamaica.
Donated Computer to Duckenfield
Primary School, St Thomas. Jamaica.
Giving out Reading glasses at my
village clinic, Portland, Jamaica.
Sharing donations to an Infirmary
in Portland, Jamaica.


This was a mission to Santiago in the Dominican Republic in which several large refrigerator boxes of medical supplies, food, medications, and personal hygienic items were brought to both a community center and community clinic.  Within each the community center and community clinic, I organized a successful community baby shower.  During my stay there, several donations were given to a nursing home, a basic school, and the community.

12/17/12 : A repeat mission to Liberia, West Africa where the president and I distributed toys for Christmas. In addition, I was able to distribute other donations to various county hospitals as directed by the Liberian Ministry of Health. During this mission, I coordinated a large community baby shower of 220 pregnant women; this event was noted by the local newspaper and every mother was given a maternal kit.  Some of these women also had the opportunity of winning major items (e.g., cribs, bassinets, changing tables, car seats, infant chairs, etc.)


11/12-13/13 : During the Sandy crisis which devastated Long Island, several donations were given to the Bread of Life Church in Wyandanch, NY and the MLK Center in Long Beach, NY; I also volunteered my service to both organizations during this time.

11/06/11 : Mission to Liberia, West Africa with a 40 foot container of medical equipment, supplies, books, toys and personal items and was received well by president Ellen J. Sirleaf and her cabinet members. From that container, I was able to serve four general hospitals, two clinics, one school, and one orphanage. I was invited by the president to have breakfast with her; during my stay, I had the opportunity to meet with several cabinet ministers and administrators. During this mission, I coordinated a large community baby shower of 250 pregnant women; this event was noted by the local newspaper and every mother was given a maternal kit. Some of these women also had the opportunity of winning major items (e.g., cribs, bassinet, changing table, car seat, infant chairs, etc.)

10/23/10 I coordinated a huge mission in Jamaica. Despite major Democratic Red tapes, emotional pain and aggravation I pulled this one off in an awesome way. Originally my container was delivered from last August and I arrived in September and having spent 15 days just to find that due to government corruption my container had to be strpped and evaluated. I left the country and returned Oct 23rd for a week overwhelmed and still frustrated. My week started with a lecture on the “EYE” in a local church, next was the school Library, awesome and unique with my donations of books.

I was told that the Jamaican Library Association was delighted to see such an enomous donation of books there was need for them to donate to that school. Because of the formal involvement I was pleased to hand it over to the Chief Librarian. Next is my “Community Baby Shower”, What? Well seeing is believing. I got the idea from the Office of Minority Health where I also work and I was able to catered to 35 mothers. They received every basic baby needs and everyone was excited when I raffeled the major baby items such as crib, car seats, strollers, playpens, jumpers and booster seats. Those who were not fortunate were given extra goodies. I must say no one received anything until a basic lecture on newborns and parenting skills were given. They sure loved the American snacks, Yum! Yum!.

Next , my little ones. What a Day! I fed over 200 school children and their teachers. The menu :Rice and beans, white rice, curried goat, ackee and salt fish, jerk chicken, fried chicken, roast bread friut, Tuna casserole, macaroni and cheese, goat-head soup, stewed black beans, cole-slaw. Ice tea, lemonade and Pineapple juice and of course the treat ended with every form of American cookies and chips. I was told no kid threw away their lunch that day.

Next day an extended box I shipped since August finally arrived this AM in time to give all 200 students a toy, games and again American cookies for everyone and of course there were more addtional school supplies for the school. Finally on Saturday was community day in a local church (It looked like a ZOO) but I sure created a lot of smiles on faces. I gave out clothing, housewares, canned and dried foods, formulas, nutritional supplements and basic medications. In conclusion I showered the school with supplies, the local clinic with medical equipments and supplies, three local churches and of course their local hospital received major equipments and supplies. I departed in peace and CRASHED when I got home.

07/14/10 : I attended a Nursing graduation in Kumasi, Ghana. This will be their first Nursing Diploma program. During my 10 days stay I was honored to be their guest as I gave each student a stethoscope and other nursing supplies. In addition I got the opportunity to visit the children in their Pediatric ward of St Patrick Hospital where I handed out toys and games. While in Kumasi I was the guest of a wonderful and colorful First mass and had the opportunuty to meet with the Archbishop of Kumasi at his residence. Please the Photo Gallery.

01/12/10 : A 7.0 Earthquake struck Puerto-au-Prince changing my entire mission around. On 02/7/10 I struggled into Haiti via Domincan Republic with 12 pieces of luggages waived by Delta Airlines. Hectic as it may be I had the priviledge of exploring PAP and bonding with many of the victims. With the monetary donations and other donations I was able to reach out to many of the earthquake victims and their families. After 3 days in PAP I travelled North to Cap-Haitien and met with many victims whose escape to be with their families. My final days were spent reaching out to the earthquake victims in their homes giving out monetary donations, taking their Blood pressre and changing dressings. I have seen the disaster in its entirety and sometimes ask why? however, time will tell.Sad to report that the local victims will never see a dime and a large number of the donations are being sold off.

10/18/09 : I shipped a 40foot container filled with miscellaneous donations to Haiti not knowining an rthquake would ravish the country. The container was delayed in the Bahamas and as a result I cancelled my trip for February 7th 2010. The container finally arrived in Cap-Haitien- Haiti 12/18/09.

09/04/09 : Visited my village in Jamaica where I successfully coordinated a health screening in a local church; in addition I lecture to the people on High Blood pressure, Stroke, Diabetes, and good Nutrition. All were very receptive and all the attendees were given donations.

01/09/09  : This trip was very special. With a group of nurses from the USA I joined them in an international conference and tour. During my tour I was given the opportunity to visit local hospitals where I donated toys and clothes to the Pediatric ward. We participated in several conference as we share our veiws on health care and nursing in general.

11/01/08 : My fisrt visit to Haiti which was well deserved. I stayed in Cap-Haitien and with the help of Senator Cimephise Gilles and other local officials I was able to travel around various cities distributing donations to local hospitals, schools and orphanage. It was a success except for some obstacles which I accomplished. Although English was limited I was able to master my work.

06/25/08 : After many missions I thought of visiting my village in Fruitful Vale, Portland where I gave a big surprise by celebrating our 50th school reunion. It was a very successful affair and first of its kind. Everyone was given a treat by me.

02/09/08 : She returned to Kumasi, Ghana for 10 days to finish her mission. She was able to distribute all her donations to the local hospital, the clinic, the Nursing school and several elementary schools which include medical supplies, medical equipments, school books and supplies, dried and canned foods, maternal needs and various community and outreach supplies.With the help of the Nursing students she coordinated a huge health fair on the hospital grounds which was a big success.Mission accomplished.

11/14/07 : She visited Kumasi, Ghana. During her two weeks visit she did daily Grand Rounds with several doctors, also participated in the Diabetic, HIV, and Out patient clinics. Unfortunately the container did not arrived at this time so she had to return home.

01/13/07 : Muriel visited Egypt. While in Aswan she visited a Rehab center, “Manacare”, for children with chronic disabilities. She was very happy to donate children’s T-shirts, toys and candies to the families and staff.

11/06 thru 12/02/06 : During these dates Muriel made two consecutive trips to the village clinic and school in her village in Portland Jamaica. She was able to donate a 20 foot container filled with medical supplies, equipments, medications, clothing, canned and dried foods plus various educational brochures.

With no support from the Ministry of Health in Portland, she was persistent enough in taking control of the container and making sure everything was distributed accordingly.

While transporting the container to her village, bad weather caught her on the road so she had to sleep on in the truck on the roadside. She, however, arrived safely in time to perform four days of health screening for blood pressure, diabetes, eye exam and incorporated health teachings. The outcomes were extraordinary and rewarding. She promised the village she will return shortly to finish what I started.

Thanks to everyone who donated and made this mission possible.

May 27 – June 06, 2006 : Muriel visited a clinic in her village of Portland Jamaica and also a public clinic in the city where she made donations of dried and canned foods, clothing, toys, books, medical supplies and medications.

January 14 – 21, 2006 : Muriel visited the Dominican Republic with friends to distribute clothing, food, medication, toys and books. They visited several orphanages, 1

Puerto Plata, 1 in Esperanza and 2 in Santiago plus a hospice.

The four orphanages and one hospice they visited were: Hogar Para ninos (Puerto Plato), Hogar Juan de Dios, Santiago, Escuela Hogar Petra Grullan, Santiago, El Buen Samaritan Orphanage, Santiago and Hospicio “San Vincente De Paul”‘ Santiago.

Nov 05th – 29, 2005 : Muriel went back to IFO, Nigeria to officially furnish the hospital and library. On July 1, 2005, the Jesus is Love & Power hospital was fully registered. At present it is a 16-bed hospital with a lab, a pharmacy and a delivery room. The operating room is pending due to lack of needed equipment.

Since the opening of the hospital, 24 babies were delivered, 4 circumcisions performed, 125 prenatal registrations, 1,165 immunizations given and approximately 400 patients seen, both primary and tertiary care. As we continue to progress we hope to raise funds in order to equip the hospital more effectively and promote a healthy community.

> Muriel went to Buenos Aires Argentina where she visited the inpatients in the pediatric units of the Britanica and ULTRA University Hospital. She distributed toys, games, and clothing. During this trip she had the opportunity to participate in the international continuing professional education among the Argentinian nurses.

Ifo, Nigeria – Clinic opened in Muriel’s honor – The Priest Rev Fr Sylvester Osigweh and his church in Ifo, Nigeria, began building a clinic in Muriel’s honor. During this time she shipped a 40-foot container with used medical equipment and supplies thrown out by hospitals and clinics. Canned and dried foods, clothing and various basic medications were also shipped in May of this year. In August she flew to Nigeria to officially open the clinic and give hands-on care to the village people. A general library is being built above the clinic.

> Muriel visited Portland Jamaica to donate clothing, medical supplies, books, school supplies, and cash to a village clinic.

> Muriel and church friends visited Moscow Russia to donate clothing, books, bibles, medications, personal hygiene products and cash.

Muriel held mini health fairs in remote villages in Kumasi, Ghana and donated school supplies to local schools. She also offered her services to the Out Patient Dept at St Patrick’s hospital and made huge donations to the Mother Theresa and Kumasi children’s homes.

Muriel shipped two 40-foot containers to Nigeria where she distributed medical supplies, medical equipment, medications, canned and dried foods, clothing, books and school supplies to a major health fair which I coordinated in Ifo and Izombe villages.

Muriel visited two local hospitals in Australia and New Zealand to distribute toys and games. She also visited with some children and their parents, read to the children, and helped with meals.

> Muriel went with friends to the Holy Land to distribute candies and money to the poor on the street.

> Muriel visited Kingston and Montego Bay in Jamaica to distribute clothing, medications, toys, personal hygiene products, reading and coloring books plus cash, in a children’s hospital and a maternal clinic.

Muriel visited two major hospitals in Burban and Soweto South Africa, donating clothing, toys, books and candies to the Pediatric patients.

> Muriel attended an International conference in London where she visited a Pediatric ward in a local hospital donating various books and crayons.

> Muriel spent one week in Aruba at the clinic of Dr Brown who is the President of the University. She donated medical supplies.

Muriel visited Trinidad & Tobago and donated clothing, canned and dried foods, and personal hygiene products.

Muriel visited the deep jungles of the Amazon in Peru to donate clothing, toys, cookies and candies

Muriel visited St Martin, Barbados, Grenada and the Dominican Republic to donated clothing, toys and candies in the market squares.

Muriel visited remote villages in China and Thailand to donated clothing, toys and books. Kingston and Portland, Jamaica – Muriel donated clothing, canned and dried foods as she traveled through the village.

Limuru, Kenya E. Africa – Muriel conducted a huge health fair, screening and treating various basic infections, donated clothing, newborn items, medications, canned and dried foods and cash to the very poor families.