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The storyline of Rusty the Red

…be undertaken by experienced specialists and therefore the Scottish Society when it comes to Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) should be contacted in the beginning upon finding an hurt red squirrel. Up to and Terry… ‘Rusty was brought in to the vets on 20th August after being found on a road dawn. At that time he weighed 80g and[ that is…]

An up-date in the Heathhall squirrelpox outbreak

Original Author: Dr Stephanie Johnstone 30 days on, preserving Scotland’s Red Squirrels believe the squirrelpox outbreak in Heathhall no further poses a sudden hazard into the neighborhood red squirrel populace. But, we nevertheless require ongoing help from volunteers as well as the wider community. Recognizing a squirrel that is red your early early morning stroll should really be one thing to get excited about, a… […]

Busy breeding

…any photographs you’ve probably, may help monitoring and security for this iconic species Sarah is a freelance journalist having a history in veterinary medication. A subsequent PhD and a certification in preservation medication has led her writing which can be prompted by the normal globe. She covers all types of wildlife, preservation and ecological problems.

Just how can mathematical modelling assist saving red squirrels in Scotland?

…Natural Heritage and Forestry Commission Scotland preservation efforts. Our familiarity with squirrel reproduction, dispersal, mortality, competition and squirrelpox transmission enables us to generate mathematical models that simulate just exactly exactly how red and grey squirrel populations change with time. (more…)