Hong Kong protests Two people in critical condition after day of chaos

Hong Kong protests Two people in critical condition after day of chaos

Two people are in critical condition after another day’s violent demonstrations in Hong Kong.

A video clip grab extracted from Cupid News on 11 November, 2019 shows an authorities guy (L) sh ting a pro-democracy protester in the chest throughout a protest in Sai Wan Ho district, in Hong Kong. Photo Laurent Fievet / Cupid News / AFP

One protester ended up being injured on Monday early morning when he had been shot at close range with a police officer. He had been the person that is third by authorities because the protests began 24 weeks hence.

Later on Monday, a pro-beijing supporter had been doused in flammable liquid and set alight after arguing with protesters, who’re demanding greater democracy and authorities accountability in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam, speaking at a news conference on evening, called the demonstrators enemies of the people monday.

“If there’s nevertheless any thinking that is wishful by escalating violence, the Hong Kong government will produce to stress, to fulfill the alleged governmental demands, i am causeing this to be declaration clear and noisy right here that will not take place,” she said.

There have been clashes across Hong Kong on Monday between protesters and authorities, who fired rubber bullets and tear gasoline. At one point, tear gas had been fired into the main business region – a rare event during working hours for a weekday.

The violence also prompted a warning from the senior Chinese magazine editor at a tabloid published by the state-owned individuals’s day-to-day.

Addressing Hong Kong police, Hu Xijin wrote “You’ve got the backing of not merely the Hong Kong and Chinese individuals, but additionally Chinese soldiers plus the People’s Liberation Army in Hong Kong,” Reuters news agency reported. ” They could enter Hong Kong to supply help whenever you want.”